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White County is comprised of 16 incorporated cities and several unincorporated towns. As of 2010 the population was 77,076 people. We are the 9th largest county by population in the state and 2nd largest by land mass. Searcy, the largest of our incorporated cities, is also the county seat. White County thrives with agriculture, industry, and medical opportunites. The Little Red and White River offer recreation to residents and tourists with some of the best fishing in the nation. From hill country to plains the landscape offers picturesque opportunites for commerical and residential enjoyment. 

Education in White County is paramount.  Harding University, located in White County, one of Arkansas' largest private universities, offers diverse degree programs which inlcude many medical degrees including nursing, pharmacy, and physical therapy to name a few. ASU Beebe and ASU Searcy link to ASU Jonesboro. They offer career opportunities to advance in service oriented fields such as: computerized farm equipment, diesel mechanics, HVAC, and more. Local public schools rank among the highest achievement ratings in the state. White County also offers several private and christian schools and has one of the largest homeschooling populations in Arkansas.

Numerous churches representing various faiths impact the daily lives of the citizens of White County. 


Advancing White County

Advancing White County is a comprehensive community and economic development strategic planning project for White County, Arkansas. This project began in May 2009, and was jump-started by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe’s Arkansas Works Summit — a call-to-action for all 75 Arkansas counties to go through an assessment and planning process.

Our History

​The White County Courthouse, built in 1871 is said to be the oldest functional courthouse in Arkansas and has an elaborate clock tower that resembles the Liberty Bell and dates back to 1855. A statue located on the southeast corner of the court square honors the Confederate Soldiers. A new statue built of six tons of granite...

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