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To provide citizens of White County with timely emergency information, to assist in protecting life and property.



(1) White County Alerts is provided by OnSolve CodeRED. By signing up for this service, I am giving OnSolve express consent to contact me for the purposes of emergency notification on any of the devices I am registering.

(2) Creating an account allows me to update my contact information if I move or my phone numbers or email address changes.

(3) I understand that I am solely responsible for the accuracy of the information I have entered for White County Alerts.

(4) Your account information is being submitted over a secure, encrypted connection. White County and OnSolve will not share or distribute personal information gathered by the form and will use it solely for the purpose of providing emergency notifications. Neither White County, nor any of its agencies and affiliates, or their employees, makes any assurances, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information provided by submittal of this form.

(5) I understand that the activation of White County Alerts does not guarantee that I will receive the notification.


OnSolve Terms of Use:


Enrollment link:

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