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The chief executive officer for County government in Arkansas is the County Judge. As chief executive, the Judge authorizes and approves the disbursement of all appropriated County funds, operates the system of County roads, administers ordinances enacted by the quorum court, has custody of County property, accepts grants from federal, state, public and private sources, hires County employees except those persons employed by other elected officials of the County, and presides over the quorum court without a vote, but with the power of veto.

The White County Judge oversees our county road system. White County is the second largest land mass in Arkansas with the largest County road system. Other duties include taking care of all county property and facilities, Veterans affairs, 911 dispatch, Department of emergency management and maintaining the County's budget.


As County Judge, I also have Judicial responsibility. This responsibility is limited usually in the area of land easements and property taxes.

It is an honor for me to serve this great County.


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